Jan Urbansky

Full Stack Software Developer


UnrealEditing.de was a german community webpage. The content of this page contains infos, tutorials, downloads, reviews and many more about editing/modding games using the Unreal Engine.

This project was started as a single project page in 2001 and grews up with a big and strong community until 2007.

http://www.unrealediting.de (obsolete)


This project was the band homepage of Battle Scream, an electronic gothic rock themed music combo. It was a world wide web presentation of this band and their music. Some of the features were a tiny music player to hear some track samples, reading the bio, visit some galleries of their gigs and check out the tour dates.


Complete work was used in WordPress v4 with a customized theme and some additional plugins written in PHP and CSS3.


http://www.battlescream.de (obsolete)